Telecommunications Solutions 

Industrial solar power plants assure the integrity of wireless networks, particularly those associated with public safety. They are designed and developed to withstand the rigors of mountain top installation or simply as key municipal nodes isolated from ice and wind storms ravaging grid power lines. Industrial solar power keeps a first responder's critical data and voice communication links intact throughout recovery and restoration efforts.

Wireless communication has become an integral part of our daily lives accomplishing a multitude of user operational applications. Traditionally wireless solar power plants were deployed as remote isolated site solutions because of the associated costs for AC grid service. Portable, mobile and fixed solar platforms promote cost effective and reliable power when and where it's needed regardless of AC grid availability. The suitability and value of "green" resources leveraging wireless system miniaturization, IP connectivity and a well designed solar plant promotes immediate and future stakeholder investment value.

30% Tax Credit

30% Federal Tax Credits are available for most solar power plant purchases. Learn more.